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You know that feeling when you’re tired, but you can’t calm down and let go? The soothing weight of our eye pillows stuffed with rice and flavored with fragrant lavender flowers can help.
The pleasant weight and warmth of the eye pillows will calm your eyes, block the light, and tuck you to peace, serenity, and comfort. Eye pillows will restore your beauty, vitality, and radiance.
For even more comfort, warm up your eye pillow. It will nicely relax your face muscles with its weight, scent, and pleasant warmth and then slowly spread relaxation to your entire body.
If you fall asleep, the eye pillow will maybe slip off your face, but it will release the relaxing scent of lavender, helping you sleep better. Eye pillows are the simplest and most effective home anti-stress remedy.
Kreativni brlog eye pillows are stuffed with rice grains, carefully selected after testing many different weight types of fillings.
The pillowcases are made of pure cotton that you can take off and wash as needed.