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Buckwheat-filled sleeping pillows are the healthiest choice for better sleep. Filled with organically grown buckwheat and pillowcase from pure cotton, they provide safety and ultimate comfort.
Elastic buckwheat hulls adjust precisely to your spine providing it with the ideal support. A good position of the cervical spine contributes to the correct position of the whole body, so you will be able to fully rest and sleep well. No more neck and back pain, discomfort, or sweating.
Buckwheat husk pillows are ideal for people who suffer from allergies because they repel dust and mites. They are especially good for children prone to allergies and respiratory difficulties.
The smallest sleeping pillow filled with buckwheat (20×30 cm) can also be used as a support for the spine while sitting on the couch.
If you warm it up, it will serve as a compress to relieve menstrual cramps, various aches, and pains in adults and children.
Maintaining a buckwheat sleeping pillow is simple and ensures high pillow hygiene. You can wash the pillowcase at 90°C. Buckwheat hulls should be aired and exposed to the sunlight once a year.